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Get fast, accurate results from the best domestic and international licensed investigators in the industry.

Many cases require in-depth investigation. Fraud cases include investigation to uncover any fraud that has occurred. Child support cases often require asset searches. Sometimes, there are unique or incidental situations that require investigations. Regardless of why an investigation is needed, The Global Process Server can help you.

Our global network of certified private investigators plan and execute fact-finding missions related to any case type, across the United States or the world. We conduct asset searches, background checks, location searches, surveillance, forensics, cyber crime investigations, social media investigations, and more. We are intensively trained in traditional and new methods, use the latest technologies, and have in-depth experience in producing information that is admissible in court.

The Global Process Server certified investigators are also trained in communications and customer service to provide outstanding service to our clients, as well as testify in court.

The benefits of private investigation

Fast and accurate licensed investigators can have a powerful impact on your case. New information about any person or business related to your case can be revealed. Details you may not be aware of can be uncovered. Our certified investigators are experienced in producing accurate, court admissible evidence. This type of insight or information can help you succeed.

Here’s why law firms, insurance companies, government agencies, and other organizations hire The Global Process Server for private investigations. Our private investigators:

Who we are

Since 1986, The Global Process Server has been a top private investigation agency satisfying long-time and new clients. Many members of our staff have been trained by police initially before extending their investigative experience with our private firm. We employ forensic document examiners, expert interviewers, and work closely with authoritative agencies for information regarding credit checks, debt collection, financial fraud, and other needs. Imagine how many cases we’ve helped crack in over 30 years working as international and domestic licensed investigators and detectives.

The Global Process Server’s licensed investigators are required to pass rigorous criminal background checks to ensure trustworthiness and privacy for our current and new clients. Everyone involved with your case has been investigated for insights into their character, history, and ethics. We also train our team to ensure top quality client service, expert testimony based on facts, and communication. Our responsiveness, dedication, and service to our clients are why so many choose The Global Process Server. Our clients rest in the comfort and assurance of over 30 years of high quality, effective investigative work.

Investigations we perform include:

As well as many other investigations our clients need. Additional benefits of working with The Global Process Server:

The best investigations combine cutting-edge technology, fact-based logic, deductive reasoning, on-site detective work to produce new findings for your case. Our international licensed investigators are highly skilled and experienced to meet your needs.

How we can serve you

The Global Process Server makes private data collection, process service and legal assistance available to law firms, insurance companies, government agencies, corporations and individuals. We help protect your investment and provide peace of mind by making law simple and understandable to you. Individuals and businesses dealing with a wide scope of legal and personal challenges lean on us to find new information for the courtroom. Our licensed investigators are specialists at discovering facts related to marital infidelity, child custody, caregiver surveillance, and more. Clients of The Global Process Server benefit from thorough investigators that are willing to testify alongside them. The value of an expert testimony backed up by actual facts cannot be understated.

Our most frequently asked questions include:

What is considered General Private Investigation?

There are many different types of investigations. The Global Process Server investigators are committed to accurately helping to label yours.

Like any other service, the cost of your investigation typically depends on the type of investigation you need. This can range from medical investigation to trial preparation or surveillance. An investigation that doesn’t fall within a specific category is usually labeled as a “general private investigation.” This may result in cost savings. Our experienced private investigators leverage three decades of expertise to accurately label your case. We then provide very fair and upfront pricing for every assignment. If your case can be labeled as a general private investigation, we will do so. Our goal is to serve you and meet your needs.

We give our clients the peace of mind and assurance that they are receiving the fairest, most accurate assessment and cost. If you have questions, we are always glad to answer them. The Global Process Server provides the privacy, experience, and assurance our current and new clients need.

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member since 1987

member since 1987

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